Stories by Jeffrey Hall:

Out of Luck

Lucky Liza Reynolds, greatest known free-gun in all of the Spindlelands, finds herself caught in a shootout that even good fortune can't seem to save her from.  

WHERE: Lawless Lands

WHEN: 2017

WHO: Falstaff Books

GENRE: Fantasy

FORMAT: Short Story

The Truth in Fire

Published under J.W. Hall. A privileged girl finds out the true hardships of life on a sea of lava by stealing away on a ship meant to capture precious water.

WHERE: Myriad Lands: Volume 2

WHEN: July 2016

WHO: Guardbridge Books

GENRE: Fantasy

FORMAT: Short Story

A is for Alphabet, Z is for Nothing

A mother watches her son grow up to become a monstorous villain and tries desperately to hold onto his humanity.

WHERE:, Issue #36

WHEN: September 2016


GENRE: Fantasy

FORMAT: Short Story


A disgraced shaman is sent to a dark, jungle-filled underworld in order to recapture his lost heart.

WHERE: Jeff's Mailing List

WHEN: December 2017


GENRE: Fantasy

FORMAT: Novella

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