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Published: "A is for Alphabet, Z is for Nothing"

Exciting news! My short story, "A is for Alphabet, Z is for Nothing," is out in issue #36 of New Myths Magazine. As a new father, this story was difficult to write (hopefully you'll see why when you read it.) The idea came from watching the unconditional love my wife and I share for our son and imagining how a love like that could manifest itself into something untouchable, unchangeable, even for someone who becomes a monster. When I wrote the final word of it I felt drained, like the words had opened up small leaks in my conscious. But luckily enough my family was just in the other room, and a walk down the hall was all it took to feel full again. Special thanks to them for that. And special thanks for Scott T. Barnes and Susan Shell Winston, the editors for this issue of New Myths Magazine, for giving the story a chance.

You can find the story here. I have updated the Stories page to include the link permanently. I hope you enjoy it!

Stay reading.


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