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Many things are happening, Fellow Creatures.

While I've still been figuring out how to balance writing in with being a new father, a husband, and working a full-time job, I have slowly been able to make progress on a few things. First, short stories. The little ones. I've always loved shorter works. They're a nice way to take a break and stretch your creativity while working on a novel or editing. Currently I have four that I am putting the finishing touches on and will soon be circulating across the magazines. One is a story set in what I like to think of as a dystopian savannah and follows an old shaman who has watched the world crumble around him. Another follows a grieving father who was once a hero and is now desperate for redemption on the outskirts of magical land where rocks grow like vegetation. The last two are set in the Spindlelands, a wild west universe mixed with heavy doses of fantasy, a place in which I have a few ideas for longer stories to explore in the future. Each of them were a blast to write. Fingers crossed they find a home somewhere so they can be shared.

Then there are the big monsters. The novels. I recently finished one I have titled The Christmas Wars, a story that I am calling a holiday fantasy as it follows the tale of an elf caught in a bloody civil war between the North and South Pole. I am currently circulating it to agents, but have found no luck so far (otherwise, this would be a much different post.) I still have more to query, so all hope is not lost yet for this one. My other book, which is completed, but still needs a heavy dose of editing, does not have a name yet, but is set in the Chilongua universe: a fantasy world (what else?) set in the jungle where magic is as unpredictable as the forest and the thousands of predators that live there. Its book one of a series, and is a part of a universe I plan on telling many more stories within. After editing, it will then be served up to the agent chopping block where hopefully someone will find it worthy.

Other than that, there are still about a thousand tales I want to tell and worlds I want to explore within those stories. I'll get to them, eventually. Bit by bit. Minute by minute. Word by word. Too many stories, too little time, I guess. But as I write them, I'll make sure to keep you all in the know. Until then, here's hoping the stories I've told so far make their way to you.

Stay super.


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