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Red Dead Has Risen

Red Dead Redemption is by far one of the best games I have ever played. Rock Star Games combined its open world building prowess with the lawlessness and insanity of the wild west perfectly, creating a setting that was unique but familiar to any western aficionado.

And oh, what a world that was.

Around every corner there was an outlaw waiting for a duel, at the height of the distant mountains there were treasures to be found, and across the beautifully rendered plains there were animals to hunt and bounties to be won. Yes, it captured the essence of the western frontier brilliantly and sucked away hours upon hours of my life. Hours that I gladly gave to upturn every corner of that jaw-dropping setting and find all it had to offer.

And now with the release of this image...

Red Dead Redemption 2

...it appears the inevitable is happening.

Red Dead is returning.

Needless to say, I am giddy. I feel like there has been a gluttony of ho-hum game releases over the last few months (with a few exceptions, ahem Inside) and I am desperate for something I can happily sink hours into. With Rock Star's track record, I have no doubt that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be that game. Already the news sites are popping up with speculation of what the game will be like and what they hope it will include. I have my own thoughts on what I hope they improve upon/add to the game. So here we go, a brief look at the top 3 things I hope to see in Red Dead Redemption 2:

1.) A better story: While John Marston's tale of redemption certainly carried an emotional punch, there was a certain level of disbelief that kept me from going all in on his arc, mostly the fact that he was supposed to be a former outlaw who chose to leave that life in favor of his family, yet he still had no problem shooting up entire populations of people on his quest to take down his old gang. It made Marston's character feel a tad less dynamic and it kept me from completely buying in on his plight. In Red Dead 2 I hope they really dig into the main character's narrative and not let he or she slip out from their flaws and drives for the sake of game play. I am a firm believer that the story makes (most) games, and this will be no different.

2.) Better multiplayer: While the original Red Dead pushed the boundaries for multiplayer by throwing together posses of players into the wide world of the west, it had its flaws. Mostly respawning next to another posse bent on putting holes in your head and limited game modes. I'd like to see Red Dead 2 take a page from GTA V and give players a space to call their own in the great multiplayer frontier. Perhaps players could own a ranch and have to protect it against invading PCs and NPCs. Perhaps they could give posses the ability to build their own towns, ala Fallout 4. Perhaps they could add heist-like missions to improve the standings of these towns and player settlements. Just from the announcement image alone and its emphasis on a group of gunslingers, I have no doubt Rock Star has something cool up their sleeve for multiplayer, and I can't wait to see what that is.

3.) More customization: Yes, I know this is more of an add-on feature for most people, but I love customizing my characters. I spend hours shaping faces, matching outfits, creating logos to doctor up my character's background page, anything to make me stand out from the crowd and make my gaming experience uniquely my own. I would like to see Red Dead 2 have more options when it comes to this, and not only cosmetically either. I would like see dynamic events that are solely crafted for the player's play style and unique to them alone, or legendary items that are the signature to a single cowboy. Anything to pull me further into the game and give me stories to share with the rest of my posse. The wild west is a wide open land of possibilities and chance after all, and it'd make no sense that one person in it would have the same history and the same hat.

So there we have it. My top 3 requests of Red Dead 2. I would like to emphasize TOP in that statement, as there are definitely some other things I would like to see them improve upon (a bigger world, more dynamic events, better duels - just to name a few.) But if they make these 3 improvements to the already stellar game that was the original, there is no doubt that Red Dead 2 will take the spot as my favorite game of all time.

I guess on Thursday of this week I'll begin to get answers when the trailer drops.

Hold onto your hats, Fellow Creatures, its guaranteed to be a wild ride.

Stay riding.


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