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Strange Shorts

Like most writers, I find myself having strange thoughts throughout the day. Some of these thoughts I wrap into plots of future stories, some aren't that good and I forget about them moments after they occur. But then there are the others, the ones that are both weird and slippery and can't seem to find a home in any story, but are too fun to think about to ignore. So I toss them into the back of my mind, hoping they'll mature and develop into useable bits down the road. But as I continue on this writing journey and put more words to the page, I am quickly realizing it is difficult to develop these ideas and push them into a page without nurturing them, without giving them the proper space to breath. So I've decided to try something on the blog...

Something I am going to call Strange Shorts.

No, it won't be pictures of me in odd, summer attire (that would most likely be named Chicken Legs for the Soul.) Instead, I am hoping to post some original flash fiction exploring these odd ideas and see where they go. Perhaps they will be in stories down the road. Perhaps they will lead to stories of their own. Perhaps they will be nothing but snippets of prose that you as a reader can enjoy. Some might be 100 words. Some might be 1,000. Some might have original sketches attached to them. Some might end up being serials that you can follow on the blog. Some might even be poems.

I am not trying to set expectations on what they will be other than quick explorations of ideas/a fun jaunt of writing. I already have the first one ready to go and should be posting it in the next few days. So check back with the blog soon. I hope you enjoy what's to come.

Stay strange,


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