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  • Jeffrey Hall

Strange Short #3: Dream Frankenstein

I wanted a new life so I made one

Or at least I tried.

I plucked the fat bits out of the fables,

The ones too juicy to ignore,

What about the meaty ones?

The ones stringy, tough, and a nightmare to those without the right teeth?

Those ones I took from my parents.

And the bones, hell, dig a foot beneath any ground and you'll find a trove of them

White and shiny like elder worms too old to move anymore.

The whole world is full of them.

So I took a bit of those ones, and bits of those, and a bit of these

Slapped them together so gently that it sounded like a dying gasp when the wet parts connected,

As heavy as iron as they were.

I took a step back and saw what stood before me.

The hulking mass of a thousand, million minds fizzled out like bees beneath magnifying glasses

The walking carnage of climbers attempting summits hidden behind cement ceilings

The shambling wrecks of ships that had come crumbling down from the stars like asbestos shook out from the dark, granite walls of space

A frankenstein of dreams.

Limping onward, feeding off the countryside, and those people who dare to take residence within it

It's an ugly thing, eh?

But it's all we've got.

#StrangeShorts #poem

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