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Lawless Lands and Other Things

Hello Fellow Creatures!

First of all, apologies for being a bit scarce with my posts around these parts. I've been desperately trying to prepare the 2nd book of my duology for my editor (aka slapping on a few thousand words) by July 5th. I am happy to say that I made the deadline, and I should hopefully be making progress towards publication soon of both books soon. So stay tuned on the blog for more details as I sure up release dates.

Secondly, my newest, traditionally published story, Out of Luck, is out in the Lawless Lands Anthology, a great collection of weird westerns sure to satiate the appetite of any Westworld fan. As mentioned previously, I had a ton of fun writing in this world and hope to explore the universe further in upcoming novels. If you have interest in the collection and want to read stories from a ton of amazing authors, pick up a copy here!

Lastly, I am beginning the final stages of the cover design for the Welkin's Wrath (previously known as The Jungle's Wrath) with my cover designer. I am hoping to have something to share with you all soon as I really love the way it's coming out.

So more updates to come soon along with more doodles and strange shorts.

Until then,

Stay Super!


#Spindlelands #Chilongua #WIP

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