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Down the Hall (forgive the pun)

'Sup Fellow Creatures!

Hope all is good in the woods. Just wanted to drop by and say what's been going on down the hallway of late (fair warning, I will not stop mutilating this pun to death.)

First of all, an apology. A few months ago I stated that I was planning on posting to this blog 3x a month, and like most of my plans, I think I was a little too enthusiastic for my own good and made promises that have not been easy to keep while trying to work on getting my books to launch, writing more, and various other things that happen to pop up along the way (aka life.) But with that being said, I still plan on trying to drop stuff here as often as I can. Maybe not 3x a month, but maybe 2x? At least once a month? Definitely at least .25x per leap year. Either way, stay tuned as I'll be making some changes to the blog soon including new pages as well as some tidbits to see what I'm working on, reading, watching, and listening to in case you are interested in seeing what other nonsense I get into on a daily basis.

Secondly, the books! I am busy going through the edits from my editor, making any last minute changes, getting the covers ready, and formatting things. I have a launch date in mind, but I am trying to learn my lesson and am holding off on divulging that date until I know for sure I can keep to it. When it gets closer and I know fo sho the date works then you'll be the first to know.

Lastly, writing. Aside from getting the books ready for launch I've been working on a short story that will be a part of an anthology with some amazing authors. The anthology will be a collection of stories that dive into each of our worlds' lore. This too I am hoping I can share more on as details emerge. Just know it was a ton o' fun to write and explored a part of Chilongua I have been wanting to check out for a while. I hope you enjoy it too!

So... that's it for now, I think? I always feel like I am forgetting something when I wrap these posts up. Alas, I guess I can always post more.

Either way, keep coming back for more doodles and updates soon.

Until then,

Stay off.


Ps. I noticed something odd with the blog where one doodle is being added to most of the past pages. I am working with Wix to get it fixed. Don't mind the redundancy until then, please!

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