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Let's Do this!

Happy December, Fellow Creatures!

I hope your days have been full of dastardly mischief and eye-popping wonders. You may have noticed the radio silence around these parts of late, well, I promise it's been for good reason. I am happy to announce that on December 7th, my very first stand alone novel, The City of a Thousand Faces, will be available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

I am excited and nervous beyond belief. Excited for how it came out and how much fun it is to see work that's been months in the making finally come to fruition. But also so nervous that I am losing sleep. Will it be well received? Will people be interested in it? Did I do everything right? Enough questions run through my head that I can barely keep up with them... it's a recipe for some late nights and early mornings. The only thing that keeps the questions quiet for a time is reminding myself that this is only book one, and there will hopefully be many more after this, so not to put too much into it. Yet still that only stops the questions for sometime... This is where I'll insert the phrase said often by my wife and I throughout my son's first year: sleep is overrated.

Either way, I am thrilled to reveal the cover to you soon! I am really happy with how it came out, and the work my illustrator, Noah Frase, did to bring book to life, as well as what Colleen Sheehan from Write Dream Repeat did to make the typography pop. I'll be doing a post in the next few days to show it off as well as give more details about the book (the blurb, where you can find it etc...)

The other news from down the hallway is the mailing list! Finally a way to find you even in your inboxes... so long as you are willing to be found. Sign up and receive a free novella, Tilonga, as well as monthly updates of what I am up to, deals, contests, book recommendations, and whatever else happens to float in my moat at the time. You'll find the subscribe button dotted around the site. I hope you'll sign up.

Other than that, you may notice subtle changes around the blog. Gone is the cluttered column of past blogs (if you want that click into any of the current blogs and you'll find it there), replacing it is a list of what I am working on, what I am watching, reading, and listening to, just to give you a glimpse of what's happening around the hallway (if you're interested.) I've also updated the Stories page to now include images and be little more easier on the eyes. Like I said, subtle changes, but I hope they spruce up this space a bit.

So that's it for now. December 7th is fast approaching. Maybe on December 8th I'll finally be able to sleep again.

Stay stupendous,


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