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Snake on a Cane

Hey there, Fellow Creatures!

Hope all is good in the woods. Behold, two new doodles added to the lineup. These I drew some time ago, late one night while listening to some Lustmord radio on Spotify. One's of a snake who's got his hands on a wand and is feeling pretty good about it. The other, deep in thought, trying to figure out what to do with the rest of the white space upon the page.

Other updates:

I entered the SFPBO. I am up against a ton of other great books, so chances are slim, but the competitor in me always loves to throw my hat in the ring. I'll be looking up from the bottom, bloody-nosed and bruised, but happy to have been in the fight.

The Crumbling Kingdom, book 4 set in the Chilongua universe, is currently with beta readers. Once I have their feedback and make changes it will be going to my editor. Ahhhh. I'll keep you all apprised of a release as soon as I firm up details.

Besides that, I'm knee deep in a new series. New world. New characters. New fun. Feels good to escape the jungle for a bit, though I'll always return to it. I'll have more details as soon as I can spare them/feel that they are shareable.

Until then,

Stay Classy.


#Doodles #Chilongua #TheCrumblingCity

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