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The Crumbling Kingdom Is Coming

Ahoy, Fellow Creatures! Hope all is swell in the well.

Drats! It’s been a while since I’ve come around these parts and threw down some words. Apologies, apologies! I’ve been concentrating on trying to wrap up the next book set in the Chilongua universe, and I am happy to say that The Crumbling Kingdom, the first book in the Jungle-Diver Duology has gone to my editor, the wonderful and amazing, Tamara Blain!

The story follows Ati “Wish” Bibango, the most well-known jungle-diver in Fangmora, Chilongua’s northern most city, and the job that takes him into the darkest parts of its jungle.

It was a ton of fun exploring the city Fangmora and Wish as a character. Both took me to some weird places, places I hope you’ll enjoy reading about!

I expect it to be complete in the next month or two. When it’s done, you’ll know, and it will come with a fun announcement too. For now, here is a sneak peek at the cover.

Stay saucy.


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