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The Crumbling Kingdom Release Day: Buy a Book, Save the Forest!

I’ve something to tell you, Fellow Creatures.

I love the jungle.

It’s a pretty snazzy place. Though I have sadly never been there in person (I will someday… mark my words!), I have been captivated by it since I can remember. Some of my earliest memories were sitting on my grandfather’s lap, and looking at his old, biological text books (he was a biology teacher) and National Geographic magazines that were filled with images of the place.

I remember being in awe of the things that were in there. Jaguars. Stink Birds. Spiders that ate birds. Anteaters with mouths so long they looked like tails placed on the wrong end of their bodies. Frogs that ran the spectrum of the rainbow. Monkeys with eyes the size of fists that could see in the dark.

Every page I turned revealed some new creature that stirred my imagination.

I discovered another world in those pages. An unbelievable place that had to exist beyond this universe.

There was no way that a place on earth could house such amazing things. But the more I read, the more I understood it, the more I knew it was real.

Looking back at it now, I think it was my first introduction to the world of fantasy. It jump-started my imagination, and blew up my small world and replaced it with a much more awe-inspiring one. A world whose only limits were the magic of evolution, a creator who seemed to have very few limits at all.

And as my fascination with it grew, so did my need to see more of it. That need has stayed with me ever since. Every chance I get I’ll continue exploring it through text and photo in hopes of one day seeing it in person. And every time I explore it continues to surprise me.

It’s a beautiful, wondrous place full of life, vibrancy, culture, mystery, and, oh, air. It’s an amazing examination of evolution. The various modes and methods that life has developed in order to survive it is nothing short of fantastical. Over 50 percent of all life is made up in the rainforests.


That’s a helluva piece of the life-pie!

Yet we are squandering it. Thanks to logging. Thanks to poaching. Thanks to poor, political and social efforts to protect it. All that wondrous, amazing pie is being eaten. Thrown away. Chewed up and spat out.

Yet there are still organizations that are protecting it. Organizations like the Rainforest Foundation. According to Charity Navigator, close to 90% of the of money donated to the Rainforest Foundation goes to programming like empowering indigenous people to protect their lands and providing satellite imagery to identify and deter illegal logging and deforestation.

That is outstanding. Organizations like this need to be heralded and helped. And that’s what I aim to do with the release of my next book, The Crumbling Kingdom.

The Crumbling Kingdom will be released on 11/8 and 100% of profits made will be donated to the Rainforest Foundation.

What does that mean? I spent $912 to produce the book, including cover and editing, and would like to recoup that much to keep making more books. But every penny afterwards will be donated to helping the place that inspired the setting for the Crumbling Kingdom. That includes paperbacks, kindle, and kindle unlimited reads. Any sale or money generated will go to helping the rainforest.

I will make the donation every year on 1/18 in honor of my grandfather’s and youngest son’s birthday, and this will include pictures of sales and reports so you all can keep me honest.

I am not sure what it will amount to, but even if it’s a little (every $5 helps to protect an acre of forest!) I hope it will help this organization do the good it is trying to do and protect this beautiful place.

So buy a book, save the forest. And if you can’t buy, then tell a friend.

There’s a beautiful, natural kingdom that’s crumbling out there and we can save it!

And oh, if you want to buy the Crumbling Kingdom, here’s the link!

Stay fighting.


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