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Who is Jeffrey Hall?  

Jeff grew up in the small town of East Granby, CT with his parents, older brother, and their wild pack of pets.  His love of stories started at an early age thanks to his parents' nightly reading time, his local comic book shop, and his brother's insistence on making Jeff play homemade, role-playing games.  It wasn't long before he fell in love with writing and began to make his own stories and draw his own comics.  This love of storytelling followed him throughout high school and college where he would spend homework and library time creating his own worlds (unbeknownst to his parents.)  That love is still with him today.

Jeff has a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration from Stonehill College and a Master's in Education from Suffolk University.  During the day he works for a healthcare technology company, but by night he is writing and putting his disruptive imagination onto a page.  He currently resides in the suburbs of Massachusetts with his wonderful wife and infant son (with another one on the way!)  When Jeff isn't exploring different worlds through the written word, doodling, or spending time with his family, you can find him playing basketball, reading, trying new restaurants, and thumbing away at a videogame or two. 



What is the Hallway to Elsewhere?

A terrible pun?  A desperate attempt to be clever?  A metaphor for Jeff's writing?  The answer to all three is probably yes, but Jeff hopes it's mostly the latter.  It is his hope that through his stories readers will be guided down a path that leads to lands with strange characters and creatures.  Worlds, unlike our own, where the rules of nature are broken and magic pervades the fractures of these rules.  Universes that are weird and uncomfortable, but leave you wanting to explore every inch of them.  Places other than here.  Elsewhere.

Hallway to Elsewhere
Jeffrey Hall
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